Two penalties split points

Stoke City travelled to Wales disburdened of pressure that their hosts - Cardiff City - had and managed to capture another point (1-1) in match...

Fifth win in six matches for Stoke

Erik Pieters first-half strike was enough for Stoke City to beat Newcastle on Saturday and continue with impressive run of form that stretches to five...

Ninth time against Newcastle

Chelsea stopped Stoke's winning run last weekend, but Potters are hosting Newcastle in a good atmosphere. Their home record gives them something to be optimistic...

AsmirĀ“s pre-match prep

Asmir Begovic gives an insight into how he'll be preparing for Stoke's home Premier League fixture against Newcastle United tomorrow   Time for lunch  We will finish...

Begovic Goes Back To School

Stoke City star Asmir Begovic stepped back to his childhood on Wednesday afternoon as he spent two hours at a local school handing out merit...

Latest Results

Cardiff City - STOKE CITY  1:1 draw
STOKE CITY - Newcastle  1:0 win
Chelsea - STOKE CITY  3:0 defeat
STOKE CITY - Hull City  1:0 win
Aston Villa - STOKE CITY  1:4 win
STOKE CITY - West Ham  3:1 win
Norwich City - STOKE CITY  1:1 draw


STOKE CITY - Tottenham  26/04 
STOKE CITY - Fulham  03/05 
West Brom - STOKE CITY  11/05 

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